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Sweet Love Notes on Unique Illustrations - RomARTic notes to make your partner smile!

They say two things are best hot: A cup of cocoa and love. Well, it's not really a saying but we think it should be.

But how do you maintain a hot love after the initial honeymoon phase is over?  By doing cute little things for each other, of course! Okay, that might not work every time... you should perhaps also be a good partner in general. But we'll leave the latter for you to figure out. 

So we put together some of our favorite love notes that are sweet enough to generate the aw factor (or get you out of the dog house, earn you brownie points, get you laid.. well, you get the idea). 

#1 - A super cute love note left on a wedding shoe! (disclaimer: attempt at your own risk, some women might not be thrilled over a love note left on their louboutin heels. ha.) 
Photo by @jessica_dibella 

Love notes on the shoe

#2 - Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies. Leaving a sweet note when your partner is not having a good day can go a long way.

Sweet love note when you're not having a good day

#3 - When you leave the house and know your partner will be making some coffee later, leave a little something on their coffee mug to make them smile. 

Photo by @sabyankat510

Love note left on a coffee mug

#4 - What's the best way to make sure they take their vitamins? Leave them a little love note of course!

Photo by @ofbountyandbliss

Love note to take vitamins

#5 - There is the good ol' pen and paper... and if not, there is always ketchup and eggs! We thought this was a pretty creative way of giving someone a love note, on their breakfast eggs!

Photo by @lady.cattington

Funny love note inside food


#6 - The sweetest good night note to let her know you can't wait to see her in the morning!
 If you don't live together, you can always leave the love note on their pillow when you're at their place so you're the last thing they think of when going to bed.

Photo by @lizzy_bikinifitness

Love notes good night see you in the morning


#7 - Mirror mirror on the wall, my girlfriend is a doll, she knows how to make me smile... Okay, so we aren't exactly the best writers. But you might be, and if you are, you can always use the good ol' mirror to write a love note on. 

Photo by @jewess.dragonfly

Leaving a love note on the mirror for anniversary

#8 - Next time you pack lunch for your partner, you can leave a little note in their lunch box (just don't put it inside their sandwich)

Photo by @taylamarilyn

Love note inside lunch box

#9 - If they're reading a book, leave a short (or long) love note in their book so they find it when they open the book.

Photo by @laughthinkeatdrink 

Love note in the book

#10 - And last but not least, you can always send them a little something in the mail.
Our photo greetings come with 2 photos of your choice, printed and inserted inside the card, on each side of your love note. 

Sending a love note in the maiil

And here are some of our favorite love illustrations with cute little sayings.

Love Note #1:

If you believe in me the way that I believe in you, they will know our name.

Love notes - I love  you

"I Lobe You" love note

"I Lobe You" love note + 2 photo inserts

Love Note #2:

Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive!

Love notes - you're a special one

"Ribcage Romance" love note

"Ribcage Romance" love note + 2 photo inserts

 Love Note #3:

I can travel and see the wonders of the world or I can look into your eyes and see the universe.  

Love notes - universe

"Galaxy Heart"  love note

"Galaxy Heart" love note + 2 photo inserts

Love Note #4:

You have no idea how fast my heart beats every time I see you.

Love notes - my heart beats for you

"Heart Beets" love note

"Heart Beets" love note + 2 photo inserts

Question: How do you communicate with your partner throughout the day? Chances are it's via text or phone... and some of you might still be stuck in the e-mail phase. That's okay too (kinda)! We say it's time to spice things up a little. That same "I love you" text (or email or casually saying it before hanging up the phone) can be a lot more meaningful if presented differently, like a love note, okay, and maybe with a few extra words.


Love Note #5:

I fell in love with you because of a tiny million things you never knew you were doing.
Love notes - you're unreal

"You're Unreal" love note

"You're Unreal" love note + 2 photo inserts

Love Note #6:

Keep talking because your voice calms me, keeps me energized and pushes me to be the best version of myself each and everyday.
Love notes - you're one in a mellon

"One in a Melon" love note

Love notes can be presented in different ways (delivered by hand, in the mail, or left in secret spots), and written on anything. Let's be honest, we are not all gifted writers and we don't have to be. Love notes are not exactly love letters. They don't need to be long to be effective,they need to be short and sweet... and at times naughty - depending on the outcome you have in mind! When it comes to love notes, really, it's the thought (and presentation) that counts!

Love Note #7:

You offer me peace. You offer me comfort. You offer me challenge. You offer me yourself undivided. Most of all, you offer me the best gift in life - YOUR LOVE! 
Love notes aloe you

Love Note #8:

7.5 billion smiles, and yours is my favorite! 
Love notes - your smile

Love Note #9:

I still get butterflies even though I've seen you a hundred times.

Love notes - i get butterflies

"Heart Rose" love note

"I Lobe You" love note + 2 photo inserts

 Love Note #10:

I'll stop the world and melt with you. (lyrics from Modern English)

Love notes - I'll melt with you

"Melt with you" love note

"Melt with you" love note + 2 photo inserts


Love notes can be anything and everything that you feel in your heart towards your significant other. You can use one of our love cards to mail a romARTic love note to your partner or to yourself to hand deliver it to your partner... You can also hide your love note for them to find.


We also browsed through the internet for ten of our favorite love notes that highlight some ideal ways and places for you to leave your love notes.  All of these are aw-dorable in their own ways!










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