Now you can send a card by mail that’s scented… and all from your computer!

Posted by Caregatto Team on

We are happy to announce our latest personalized card feature, scented cards! And all using only pure essential oils, not synthetic scents. We are excited and we hope you are too! We’re offering this option to create the best card giving experience possible. Scents are intimately connected to emotions, and pleasant scents have been shown to have an uplifting impact on one’s mood, and a positive impact on health. Our scents are natural, calming, and grounding. We offer two floral (Geranium Rose and Lavender), two woodsy (Rosewood and Cedarwood) and one masculine/earthy (Vetiver) scents, hopefully that will cover most people and tastes 😊. So send out cards that in addition to having your photos and message, include scents that will make the recipient feel even more special and loved. Sending caregatto is more than sending a card, it’s like a gift in an envelope. The scented add-on is optional and available on all our collections and personalized cards.


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