What's caregatto?

We mail cards with a personal touch


According to economists, gift giving today often results in a "deadweight loss". This happens when the value of the gift to the recipient is less than the actual cost to the buyer. Ouch! We want to change that. We believe gift giving is about making a connection and sending love and care, not unnecessary THINGS. We wanted to create a gift giving experience that not only evokes emotions but is socially and environmentally conscious.

Caregatto was born when a friend was ill and we wanted to send something thoughtful to put a smile on her face. It wasn't a flower or chocolate occasion, we wanted a simple heartfelt gesture to show that we care. So we thought a personal note with some unique immune boosting tea fits the occasion. The thought that they need... not unnecessary things.

We felt that conventional greeting cards aren't personal enough, and let's be real, not too exciting! So we gave them a makeover.

Caregatto can make your loved ones feel special whether they're ill or just because.

You decide, we write.

Now let's put some smiles on our favorite faces...


Caregatto believes in social consciousness, minimalism and preserving our ecosystem.



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