Can my order be delivered on an exact date? No. We cannot guarantee delivery on a certain day as shipment times vary depending on location. However, all orders are delivered within the stated dates. To ensure that your order arrives close to your desired day, please place your order in accordance with our shipping options.

When will my order arrive? Orders placed using "Standard Shipping 3-5 business days" are shipped within 24 hours after being placed. Orders placed using "Expedited Shipping 2-3 business days" are shipped on the same day the order is placed (If ordered by 4PM PST). USPS ships packages Monday-Saturday. If ordering past 11AM PST on a Saturday, your package will be shipped the following Monday.

​Where do you ship from? We ship from Los Angeles,  California. 

Can my card be sent anonymously? Absolutely! Simply write "anonymous" in the "your name" field under the message box and we won't include your name on the envelope. We always use our shipping address to ship.

Does the package going to my recipient contain my return address? No. We only use our return address on the package.

Can I track my card? USPS standard shipping doesn't allow tracking on individual cards. However, if a gift item is included, then you will receive your tracking information once your order has shipped.

Whose shipping address and email do I enter at checkout? Please enter the recipient's shipping address and your billing address and email.


What are the dimensions for the cards and photos? Both our original and photo greetings are 11 x 4.25". Our photos are 2.5 x 3" (including border).

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email us at: contact@caregatto.com


*** Please note that we do not process orders if they include offensive messages.

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