Smudge sticks

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A smudge stick is dried herbs and plants, bound together into a bundle and burned as part of a healing ritual or ceremony. Smudge sticks can be used to purify your homes, and protect you and your loved ones.  Smudging during prayers and rituals clears unwanted energy and clears space, allowing us to be our optimal selves. It clears stagnant energy allowing life energy to flow freely. All of our herbs are gathered in an ecologically safe manner, and the plants are never harmed


California White Sage:

Traditionally used as a remedy for colds. It is believed that when burned, White Sage purifies people, places, and objects



This sweetly aromatic herb is often used in sweat lodge ceremonies. Cedar smoke attracts good spirits and eliminates negative energies. It also has protective properties. Traditionally used by the Plains Apache to repel ghosts, and said, among the Pawnee, to remedy nervousness and bad dreams


Yerba Santa:

Also called sacred herb, Yerba Santa has protective properties. It is said to release emotional pain that leads to illness, and may be beneficial in overcoming grief and melancholy



Juniper has traditionally been used by Native Americans as a medicinal plant. It has been used to remove fear. It is protective, and guards against theft! It has also been used to protect against accidents. 



Burned to attract good spirits and good luck, and known for it’s cleansing properties. It is most well known for the unique ability to stimulate dreams.  



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