Tibetan Prayer Flags
Original Greeting

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5.5" x 4.25" card with envelope
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To send this Tibetan prayer flag card, simply type your message, and we'll do the rest... Make someone smile by sending them a CareGatto greeting card. Personalize this unique greeting card and it'll be on its way in just a few short seconds.

 More on this design: Prayer flags date back to pre-Buddhist Tibet (Bon). Then, it was used by shamanistic priests in healing ceremonies. Each color presenting one of the five elements: yellow (earth), green (water), red (fire), white (air), blue (wind). Properly setting up colored flags around patients harmonized the elements of their body since according to eastern medicine, all five elements need to be in balance to produce health and harmony.

Our "Tibetan Prayer Flags" greeting card is also available with photos

All our cards are made with 100% recycled card stock.
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