Box of Tibetan vibes
Nepal origin
(3 items per box)

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Each box includes:

1 mini prayer flag (8' long and the flags are 2.5" square), handmade in Nepal. It features the goddess Tara, known as the bodhisattva of compassion because of her immediate response to those requesting her aid. These flags are made of sustainably harvested Lokta paper. Traditionally, prayer flags are used in promoting peace, wisdom, and strength. Prayer flags date back to pre-Buddhist Tibet (Bon). Then, it was used by shamanistic priests in healing ceremonies. Each color presenting one of the five elements: yellow (earth), green (water), red (fire), white (air), blue (wind). Properly setting up colored flags around patients harmonized the elements of their body since according to eastern medicine, all five elements need to be in balance to produce health and harmony.

1 Tibetan Sandalwood Incense sticks with a wood holder. These incense are wrapped in a nice fabric cylinder with a twisted paper closure and come with a wood holder. Approximately 30 sticks, each stick burning approximately 1 hour. From Nepal.

1 Sandalwood Buddhist meditation 108 Mala prayer beads. A traditional tool used for keeping count while chanting, reciting, or mentally repeating a mantra. They can also be worn as a bracelets or necklace.


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